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Wilson Law Practice PLLC exists for the purpose of providing much-needed advice, guidance and representation to Texas businesses in critical areas such as information governance, discovery in litigation, dispute resolution and legal investigations.

White Collar Litigation, Government Investigations And Employment Law Issues

From law offices in Carrollton, the firm serves clients throughout the Dallas area in communities such as Irving. Clients of Wilson Law Practice PLLC can count on customized legal services to solve problems like corporate governance, regulatory compliance and electronic information protection.

Providing Hard-To-Find eDiscovery, Digital Forensics And Investigation Services

Get answers and help tailored to your unique circumstances. Are you concerned about preventing legal trouble while managing electronic data storage in your business? Is your business facing a legal investigation? How will you conduct electronic discovery in the course of litigation? How can you comply with discovery requirements concerning electronically stored information?

Business lawyer, eDiscovery and Forensic Technology expert, David R. Wilson is prepared to answer these and other key questions confronting your business today. Call or email the law firm at your convenience.